Commercial Private Lending Services

SRP partners with commercial and small multi-family property investors to secure smart, private money loans.

Why Seek a Private/Hard Money Commercial Real Estate Loan?

Fast Closing Times

Private/Hard Money commercial loans are approved much faster than traditional banking loans – which can take months. Lenders consider the property valuation, equity needed, down payment, and exit strategy to process the agreement in a matter of days.

Easy Access

Fewer requirements in the loan process mean the borrower has access to better facilities and benefits. Borrowers get the funding they need without all the paperwork and restrictions involved in traditional banking loans.

Flexible Terms

Borrowers have a great deal of control over private commercial real estate loans. The terms depend on your circumstances – and you have the freedom to negotiate interest rates, timelines, and more.

Local Lending

Banks conduct business on a global level – and are less connected with their clients. Our loans are done locally and lenders have a genuine interest in the property’s success.

The Commercial Lending Process with SRP

1. Consultation

SRP will schedule a meeting at our office or your project site. We’ll examine zoning plans, permits, and the loan exit strategy. You’ll need to provide the following documents:

2. Agree to Terms

We send over the terms sheet outlining the length of the loan, amount, interest rate, equity requirement, and how much funding SRP will contribute.

3. Begin the Closing Process

Once terms are agreed to, SRP will send all documentation to the attorney to begin the closing process. Closing typically takes 7-10 business days if all requirements are met.

4. Draw

Our in-house inspector will come to your job site and determine the amountof draw available for funding based on the draw sheet and work completed. SRP has decades of experience in commercial building – we go beyond the lending process in providing advice and strategies to complete the project efficiently.

5. Complete the Project & Refinance

The funding process is repeated until the project is finished with SRP. Investors will then sell the property and repay the loan orrefinance to a long-term loan if they plan to rent the property.

6. Invest in New Commercial Real Estate

SRP is a long-term partner in private commercial lending. We want to be your lending partner to help you expand your business.

Why Partner with SRP for Commercial Lending


SRP prioritizes relationships throughout the commercial lending and building process. Our services go beyond money – we maintain an active interest in our partners’ projects from start to finish.


SRP operates on a local level – we’re deeply connected with the area’s best lending resources. Partners have access to trades, areas, and deals to make projects run smoothly.


Our experts manage all the research and due diligence transparently to ensure you get the best eal estate loan.


Partners gain access to 100+ years of SRP’s knowledge and experience in commercial building and business.


Quick and accurate closings are the primary goal in every commercial lending project – regardless of the challenges.


SRP is a long-term commercial lender. Repeat borrowers gain trust in our system and receive benefits for recurring projects.

Let’s secure a smart commercial real estate loan!

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