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Renovation Loans for Investors

SRP Lending Offers Renovation Loans for Investors

SRP Lending, a private lender offering loans to home builders, remodelers and investors, offers renovation loans tailored specifically for real estate investors focused on residential properties. These financing options are designed to support the revitalization of properties by offering investors the necessary funds to enhance and flip homes, thereby improving community housing and offering attractive returns on investment.

Understanding the potential in home renovations, SRP Lending offers financing up to 65% of the property’s After-Repair Value (ARV). Investors must contribute 10 to 20% of the total project cost in upfront equity, ensuring a partnership approach to each renovation venture.

“Our renovation financing program is crafted to empower real estate investors by providing them with the robust support needed to transform properties efficiently,” said Geoffrey Deckelbaum, Principal at SRP Lending. “We work to enhance the quality of available and affordable housing while helping our clients succeed in their investment endeavors.”

SRP Lending is open to considering various project types, though it generally steers away from high-end renovations exceeding $1 million. This strategic decision ensures that the financing services are accessible to a broader range of investors and projects, promoting more widespread community development and revitalization.

Deckelbaum adds, “Every property and project has unique challenges and opportunities. Our team is dedicated to evaluating and supporting a wide array of renovation projects that promise to bring value to both the investor and the community.”

This initiative is part of SRP Lending’s commitment to enhancing real estate investment prospects and supporting neighborhood revitalization through strategic financing solutions.

Investors interested in exploring project financing options for renovation loans are encouraged to contact SRP Lending to learn how to tap into this growing market segment. For more information about SRP Lending’s services, please visit

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