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SRP Lending Forecasts Increased Housing Market Movement

housing market movement

In the ever-dynamic landscape of the American housing market, SRP Lending anticipates a significant increase in property transactions in the coming years. Historical data shows that the average American relocates every 5 to 7 years, suggesting a forthcoming wave of housing market movement.

As economic conditions stabilize and generational shifts influence housing preferences, SRP Lending is poised to support the anticipated surge in Americans moving. This movement is driven by various factors, including career changes, family expansion and lifestyle adjustments, all of which typically prompt individuals and families to reevaluate their living situations every half-decade or so.

Geoffrey Deckelbaum, Principal at SRP Lending, comments, “Our analysis indicates a robust period of increased movement in the housing market on the horizon. This is a natural cycle, fueled by personal and economic growth, and it presents numerous opportunities for both buyers and sellers.”

SRP Lending is committed to facilitating these transitions, offering tailored financial solutions that respond to the needs of home builders. Whether it’s a high-end custom home, attainable townhome or lots or land, SRP Lending provides a range of financing options for home builders, remodelers and commercial contractors.

“Understanding the cyclical nature of home ownership and preparedness for these shifts is essential for anyone engaged in the housing market,” adds Deckelbaum. “At SRP Lending, we are ready to assist our clients through these transitions with innovative lending solutions that meet their changing needs.”

Builders interested in exploring financing options for smaller home projects are encouraged to contact SRP Lending to learn how to tap into this growing market segment. For more information about SRP Lending’s services, please visit

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