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SRP Lending Offers Land and Lot Financing

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SRP Lending, a private lender for home construction, announces financing solutions for land and lots. These loans are designed to meet the growing demand for flexible and responsive financing in the development sector, particularly at a time when traditional banks have stepped back from such investments.

“Dirt loans,” as they are colloquially known, represent a significant opportunity for developers. SRP Lending makes loans tailored explicitly for purchasing land and lots that are entitled and permitted, marking a pivotal development in the real estate financing sector. SRP Lending’s initiative is set to bridge the gap left by traditional banks, offering a much-needed lifeline for developers looking to embark on new projects.

“As banks have retreated from financing undeveloped land, we’ve seen a critical need to support developers in this space,” said Geoffrey Deckelbaum, Principal at SRP Lending. “Our goal is not just to lend money for land but to be a partner in development, offering agile and tailored solutions. We understand the challenges of carrying land for extended periods, so we’re focused on opportunities ready for development.”

SRP Lending is committed to providing financing solutions that are responsive and structured with the developer’s timeline in mind. The private lender aims to support projects where infrastructure development is imminent, ensuring that the carrying period of the land does not extend beyond two years. This approach mitigates risk and aligns with SRP Lending’s strategy of fostering more immediate development opportunities.

“The housing market is ripe for development but is hampered by a lack of accessible financing,” said Deckelbaum.  “Our innovative financing solutions are poised to unlock new opportunities for home builders and developers, allowing them to leverage SRP Lending’s expertise and resources to bring projects to fruition.”

Developers and home builders interested in exploring land and lot financing options are encouraged to contact SRP Lending to learn more about how these innovative dirt loans can support their next project. To qualify for SRP Lending’s private money residential loans, borrowers need sufficient equity, enough cash flow for monthly payments and a sound exit strategy.

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