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SRP Lending Highlights Demand for Intown Living

SRP Lending, a leader in innovative private lending solutions, is excited to report a significant surge in demand for properties in intown and downtown locations.

SRP Lending, a leader in innovative private lending solutions, is excited to report a significant surge in demand for intown living.  Properties in intown and downtown locations across key metro Atlanta areas such as the City of Atlanta, Roswell, Duluth, Canton and Blue Ridge are in high demand. This trend underscores a growing preference among homebuyers for vibrant, centrally located communities where lifestyle, convenience and accessibility are at the forefront.

Recent market analysis by SRP Lending shows an increasing number of individuals and families opting for homes in urban and suburban downtowns. These areas offer a unique blend of cultural richness, shorter commutes, and access to amenities like restaurants, breweries, wine bars, shops, parks and entertainment venues.

“We’re observing a dynamic shift in homebuyer preferences, with a clear tilt towards in-town living,” said Geoffrey Deckelbaum, Principal at SRP Lending. “This trend is driven by a desire for a lifestyle that balances the hustle and bustle of urban life with the tranquility and charm of suburban settings. Areas like Roswell and Blue Ridge are becoming particularly popular for those seeking this balance.”

In response to this trend, SRP Lending is committed to supporting home builders as they acquire lots and build or renovate homes in these sought-after locations. By providing tailored financing solutions, SRP Lending empowers home builders to capitalize on the growing appeal of intown and downtown living.

“Revitalization and development in these areas enhances the community’s vibrancy and provides excellent opportunities for real estate investment and development,” adds Deckelbaum. “As more people seek homes in these locales, the potential for property appreciation grows, making it an opportune time for home builders and investors alike.”

SRP Lending’s expertise and strategic focus on these booming areas ensures clients receive the most effective and efficient financial services tailored to their needs.

Builders interested in exploring project financing options are encouraged to contact SRP Lending to learn how to tap into this growing market segment. For more information about SRP Lending’s services, please visit

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SRP Lending is a leading private money lender providing quick, flexible, and straightforward loan options for builders and contractors. With a customer-centric approach, SRP Lending prioritizes efficiency, flexibility, and customer control over the lending process, offering an effective alternative to traditional bank financing.

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